IPFS Camp 2024

IPFS Camp is for those who want to bend the arc of the Internet to be more open, efficient, and secure.

It's a gathering for the entire community: builders, operators, researchers… and you! Talks, workshops, discussion circles, hacking time, and more — all focused on celebrating and advancing a better web. Connecting builders and real-world users, organized by thematic tracks, and inspired by both the in-depth conversations and unbounded energy of previous IPFS gatherings, it will be an event to remember.

Brussels, Belgium
July 11-13, 2024
Radisson Grand Place


IPFS Camp 2022 - Recap

What to Expect at IPFS Camp

What to Expect

IPFS is more than just a 'conference'; it's a global movement of builders, experts, problem-solvers, and visionaries immersed in creating a better web. Expect hands-on workshops, in-depth discussions, and networking opportunities that will help you better understand how to apply the latest advancements in decentralized technologies to solving your real-world challenges.

Past Participants Say...

  • "Talking with extremely talented and committed people helped me learn a lot."
  • "Great sessions and interactive discussions left me feeling inspired and excited for the future."
  • "Everyone was open-minded to newbie questions, challenges, and having a general goal of curiosity and learning."
  • "We found similar projects that closely align, to learn from, to integrate with."
  • "My questions got answered quickly from folks with expert knowledge of IPFS and the ecosystem."

Opening Keynotes

A warm and wonderful kickoff to IPFS Camp with keynote speakers, fireside chats, and a sampling of community talks and perspectives on the present and future of IPFS.

Decentralized Apps and Publishing

Explore the latest tools, frameworks, and best practices for building and deploying dApps that are resilient and put users in control of their data.

Public Records and Human Rights

Discover how IPFS is being used to protect public records and support human rights initiatives worldwide.

Climate Resilience and IPFS

In the face of the growing climate crisis, reliable and transparent environmental data is more crucial than ever. This track explores real-world applications of IPFS in environmental monitoring, climate modeling, and disaster response.

Gaming & Streaming

If it works for gaming, it’ll work for almost anything. Come for a 4 hours of breakthrough talks in the most latency-sensitive, data-intensive area of p2p R&D, stay for the most fun demos around (games!!), and discussions on how infrastructure lets us re-think an industry.

Libp2p Day

Join us for a full day dedicated to libp2p, the modular networking stack that powers IPFS, Ethereum, and other decentralized protocols. Learn about the latest developments in libp2p, including new transports, improved NAT traversal, and enhanced security features. Hear from the core developers and researchers behind libp2p, and discover how you can use this powerful library to build your own networks and applications.

Startup Showcase

Lightning talks from projects and startups using IPFS to solve real-world problems, plus roundtables on how to solve shared challenges.

A warm and wonderful kickoff to IPFS Camp with keynote speakers, fireside chats, and a sampling of community talks and perspectives on the present and future of IPFS.

All tickets include entry to the full 3-day event with coffee,
morning pastries, and lunch each day, plus an opening dinner.

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